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Dear Robert,

My wife, Shirley was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MSC) in 1996 and it still being treated. I just want to let you know how pleased we are that you could accommodate Shirley and me again at South Beach Island Resorts at this time. We were here for several years before and after you purchased the property in September 2003. In September 2006, we moved to Virginia to be closer to our family members and have been there over four years.

In December 2010, Shirley was having more problems with her health and felt she needed to move to a safe place. We had found your condo at 5685 S. Hwy A1A, South Beach Island Resorts, had a good combination of fresh air, ocean breezes, a wonderful beach and a safe environment for people with MCS. You were kind enough to fit us in. Shirley is improving here with the clean air, and an environment that is free of smells, smoke, mold, pesticides, and other bothersome chemicals, and with the help of Doctor Holyk, a local doctor that is very helpful to Shirley and others with MCS.

The staff at the South Beach Island Resorts is very helpful and ensures the facilities and grounds are kept not only neat and clean, but also safe for people suffering from MCS. They use hand, electrical, and battery operated landscaping tools wherever possible. The other tenants here and many of our neighbors, former tenants here, are knowledgeable about MCS and contribute to keeping the area safe for people suffering from MCS. I am writing this letter on behalf of my wife Shirley because she is uncomfortable with computers.

Sincerely yours,

Philip R. Ward

Unit 4, South Beach Island Resorts

Dear Robert,

I thank God every day for guiding me to you at South Beach Island Resorts. I have been chronically ill with late stage Lyme disease, multiple co-infections, Epstein Barr, mold bio-toxin illness, Dysautonomia - Post orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and neurocardiogenic syncope, head injuries from syncope, multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, vertigo and seizures.

The above took over my body and left me bed bound and wheelchair bound for years. After years of becoming progressively sicker, my research led me to discovering that my environment was a root cause of my progressive illnesses. Unknown to us, the apartment that my family had been living in was loaded with chemicals from a fire next door, smoke damage, toxins and high levels of mold. Upon figuring this piece of the puzzle out in my search for health in February 2015, we immediately left our belongings and life that we knew behind.

Since that time, I have been searching for a safe place to heal and have been to all my family members' houses. I continued to get sicker or could not tolerate being there because of mold, toxins, chemicals and poor air quality. I had to leave my husband and family in my homestate of Connecticut. 

You are an answer to my prayers and my heart is filled with gratitude for you. South Beach Island Resorts - People and Planet Friendly Living LLC is the safe haven for anyone challenged by environmental illness. When you come here, you will breathe in the saltiest and purest air in North America, and experience the healing properties of the ocean. These two things, along with the mold-free and chemical-free environment, non-toxic products and guidance you provide, has changed my life for the better in the time I have been blessed to be here!


I am experiencing improvements, getting stronger and healing every day. Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom. Thank you for your dedication to providing people and planet friendly living. You have given me hope for the future!

With lots of gratitude,


Dear Robert,

Thank you for the wonderful place you have created, and for accomplishing the extraordinary. This is a haven for people with MCS, and it's the only place of its kind in the country. It's also the only place I've found that's truly "safe," and this is why:

First, you have decades of expertise in "people and planet friendly living," and your properties are models of MCS-safe places. I know that the success of your properties is due not only to your expertise, but also to your tremendous effort, sacrifice, ingenuity and commitment. You are the rare talent with the rare heart. You really care about creating places that are healthy for everyone, and safe for people with MCS, and you know just how to do it.

Second, my Ph.D. student from Georgia Tech did her dissertation on MCS housing and she found only two places in the country that were successful: yours and the Ecology House in California (which houses 11 people, with a waiting list of over 100 people). So, realistically, your place is the only one. Many people and groups have tried to create MCS housing, and none have really worked (or are long-term options) - except yours.

Third, I'm on the board of four non-profit organizations concerned with issues of MCS and housing, and we all agree that homelessness is a crisis in the MCS community. I've heard countless tragic stories about people with MCS who lose it all, because something happens and they lose their safe place. But as the bright hope, I've seen people regain their health, their productivity, and their lives - once they come here.

Robert, this is all to say thank you. What you have done is amazing, and the people who live here are most fortunate.

With all my best,

Dr. Anne Steinemann

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