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Environmental Illness/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Friendly

E.I./M.C.S. Friendly!

South Beach Island Resort is an oceanfront, one- acre, 6-condominium, eco-conscious, non-smoking facility with its own private pool. The entire facility has been designed and is maintained in a less toxic manner, in an ongoing effort to provide the cleanest possible indoor and outdoor air. SBIR welcomes all health-conscious individuals, and has successfully accommodated over 90% of tenants and guests with E.I., M.C.S., asthma, COPD, allergies, and other health challenges. We have successfully accommodated over 90% of guests with MCS who have come here from all over the world including Japan and Hawaii. 

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E.I./M.C.S. Friendly Benefits:

  • All condo units have tile floors throughout, full kitchens stocked with Pyrex and stainless cookware and utensils, living room areas with organic futon sleeper sofa, a large bedroom with organic queen size mattress and box spring, and a full bath with tubs and ceramic pedestal sinks. 

  • Filtered non-chlorinated artesian well water services all the units.

  • No pesticides are allowed on the property or in the immediate area as we have lobbied for buffer zones. No pesticides are allowed east of A1A where we are located due to the loggerhead turtles which nest there.

  • All furnishings are solid wood, metal or glass.

  • All cotton bedding, towels, wash clothes and dish towels washed in baking soda and vinegar only.

  • Metal plenums and duct work servicing a/c and heat which have been washed prior to installation and are washed periodically with baking soda and vinegar.

  • The property is maintained utilizing less toxic alternatives.

  • Laundry facility on site, only fragrance free products are permitted, no dryer sheets, and we provide baking soda and vinegar.

  • Many former guests here and tenants have moved into the area because of the health benefits experienced while living here.

  • SBIR is enrolled in Florida Power & Light's Non-Smart Meter Option, eliminating the harmful RF radiation that accompany smart meters, which can expose the body to 160 to 800x the radiation emitted by mobile phones.

  • Several nearby properties all approx. 1 acre with 100 ft. of oceanfront are owned or occupied by individuals with M.C.S.

  • Two properties to the north are vacant.

  • Organic food is available in several locations near by including Publix just up the street.

  • The entire facility has been built and renovated utilizing less toxic construction and renovation materials throughout including formaldehyde free sheet rock, insulation, caulks, mastics, and paints.  

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